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Trading Online Voucher

Accelerate your business growth with financial assistance from a Government Grant Scheme.

Up to €2500 grant available.

Netboost offers guidance on applying for TOV grant.

Trading Online Voucher 

Grow your business with help from Government Grant Scheme, designed to assist small businesses. TOV offers financial assistance of up to €2,500 with co-funding of 50% along with training and advice to help your business trade online.

Businesses that have already received a TOV can now apply for a second voucher, where upgrades are required.

Cutting the cost of developing your online trading capacity by up to 50% can make the investment very affordable.

What can I use a TOV for?

Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website

Implementing online payments or booking systems

Purchase of internet related software

Online advertising (subject to limits)

Development and implementation of a digital marketing strategy

Training and support to develop and manage your online trading activity

Eligibility Criteria

No more than 10 employees

Less than €2M in turnover

Trading for at least 6 months

Be located in the region of the LEO

Steps for applying for TOV

01 |

Ensure that your business qualifies for TOV

• No more than 10 employees
• Less than €2M in turnover
• Trading for at least 6 months
• Be located in the region of the LEO

Find your LEO here
Check excluded categories of business
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Complete a webinar to qualify for the support

The training sessions cover various topics, including developing a website, digital marketing, social media for business and search engine optimisation. The information provided is impartial and will help you decide on what trading online options, are right for your business.

Next Galway Trending Online Voucher Seminar is on the April 16th 2024. You can book it here
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Obtain three quotes from three different suppliers

Get quotes from three different providers and produce evidence of these with your application.

04 |

Fill out the Application Form
supplied by your LEO

Obtained Quotes will be uploaded with your Application.
Fully completed eligible applications received will be assessed by LEO and successful applicants will be notified.

For Galway LEO you can apply here
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If your application is successful you will be awarded a voucher.

Implement your plan and when complete draw down your grant of up to €2,500.

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Watch your business grow.

Over 2,000 businesses, just like yours, have already benefited from the scheme.
For many businesses, the question is not whether to trade online, it’s how to start. At least 2,000 small businesses have found answers to that question and a helping hand to take that step through the Trading Online Voucher Scheme.

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